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Crossword Club

The Hathway Crossword Club is a group of people who meet on average once a month to solve crosswords.

In the course of an evening they will probably do three crosswords which are set by members of the group.

They spend ten to fifteen minutes looking at a grid individually and then share the answers they’ve each got so far.

From then on, they work on clues collectively, although they have a rule that when a person has an answer to a specific clue, they don’t shout it out but instead they draw attention to the number of the clue, and maybe give a hint as to how to solve it, so everyone has a chance to do the same.

They try not to be too competitive and they help each other with solving techniques, which gives the members an opportunity to improve.

Whether you want to work in a group, do gay crosswords or not, we hope our Crossword Guide will help you get started in the fascinating game of crossword solving.

Be warned ‐ it can become horribly addictive!

Other good guides to solving crosswords:

It was reported that actor and comedian David Mitchell spends large amounts of time on set with his head buried in a crossword (the article didn’t mention the paper, but I bet it was The Guardian). It fits with the image of a highly brainy loner.

However, I would quarrel with that stereotype. You do need to have a brain, but not one the size of a planet. You also don’t need to be a loner.

There can be a lot of enjoyment in solving with a friend or partner. Or, as we do in the Hathway Crossword Club, in a group, with a lot of food, alcohol, banter and wandering off the point.

Our Crossword Guide is designed to demystify cryptic crosswords and encourage you to take them up. You won’t regret it.

If you live in London and want to become part of the Hathway Club, email We look forward to seeing you.

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