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I wrote my first original gay song in the spring of 1972 We Were in There and ever since then I’ve been writing original material with a variety of composers, some of it about sex and love, some about political issues of the time. I’ve also done parodies, and translations of French songs, especially early Edith Piaf, and the work of the underrated (and unknown in the UK), Boris Vian, who will get a separate section on this site.

Cabaret venues have been clubs, bars, student unions, local LGBT groups, but especially Pride. I first performed at 1978’s Pride, where there wasn’t any stage or even a performance planned. I went along with a guitarist, Andy Rosenthal, and we busked the people milling around at the end of the march on Shepherd’s Bush Green.

I’ve always thought LGBT theatre was integral to the community and a part of LGBT politics, and cabaret particularly so, especially in the years 1975 to 1990. So much so that I was christened the Vera Lynn of the Gay Movement! When I was asked what I did in life, I said, “Entertaining the Troops”.

Items on this website featureSongs which I have written and sung (and other people have sung) over the last 45 plus years.

Note: A performance ofHotel Homophobia was banned by the Albany, Deptford in September 2019. SeeThe Banning of Hotel Homophobia for the full story.

Peter Scot‐Presland

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