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Crosswords ‐ September 2019

Two fine crosswords from Peter and Kitty. Clive has been getting a bit bored (where did the lazy expression ‘bored’ come from?) with perimetrical puzzles, which are a favourite of Peter’s. They add an additional puzzle ‐ a jigsaw puzzle to fit the words in.

However, in response to Clive, Peter compiled Sign Language, which is an illustration of the kind of puzzle where you must discover a rule in order to work out what should be entered. The discrepancies in word length should help.

The other was a Quick Crossword.

Here are the solutions if you need them:

Solution - Sign Language

Solution ‐ Quick Crossword

Peter was also very pleased with a new recipe he’d tried out, so wanted to share it. The quantities shown below feed ten people and it’s very simple to prepare.

Cheese, Onion and Apple Crumble

Ingredients for the Filling

Ingredients for the Crumble