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Zoom Meetings

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Repeat performances of scripts from A Gay Century which didn't record properly first-time round are to take place as follows. It will also give the opportunity for those who missed some to take part.

In early 2021 there will be readings of other ‘real plays’ which were either performed by Homo Promos in the past, or we wished we could have.

You are invited to a scheduled Zoom Meeting which covers all the readings. There is no password or restriction on entry, but everyone will be muted on arrival to avoid latecomers from disturbing the performance.

There will be scope for discussion afterwards. The Zoom Code is 82049615655. Access will be available from 7.30 p.m. for each meeting.

Please Support Us

By running these plays on Zoom on a weekly basis every Tuesday from 11 November to 5 January, we give performers a chance to keep going at what they do best.

Please help us support these wonderful actors who are giving their time and skill to Zoom readings of plays from 'A Gay Century' by giving us a Donation.

Series One:

Tuesday 10 November 2020

8 p.m. - 1907 The Jewels: The heist of the Irish Crown Jewels from Dublin Castle by a sado-masochistic gay 'vice ring'. You'll never guess where they end up!

9 p.m. - 1912 A Helping Hand: EM Forster, constipated in his emotions and creativity, visits gay guru Edward Carpenter. Carpenter's partner George Merrill places his hand on Forster's bum and unblocks him.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

8 p.m. - 1962/75 The Dog It Was That Died: The story of the Jeremy Thorpe affair (A Very English Scandal on BBC TV) told from the point of view of the two dogs involved, the fox terrier Mrs Tish and the Great Dane Rinka.

9 p.m. - 1988 Eric Lives with Martin and Jenny: Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin was an innocent children's book about a little girl with two gay dads. It caused a furore which led to the passage of the notorious Section 28. Here Eric tells the true story behind the sweet picture book, and it's not pretty.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

8 p.m. - 1918 Front: An 'at home' with Oscar Wilde's True Love, Robert Ross, featuring poet Siegfried Sassoon and a bumptious teenage boy actor and part-time sex worker whose identity is only revealed in the play.

9 p.m. - 1936 Fishing: A teenage boy is coaxed gently out of his shell by the object of Wilde's mad passion, Lord Alfred Douglas. The consequences are tragic and echo down the years.

Tuesday 1 December 2020

8 p.m. - 1944 Home Fires: Ivor Novello, matinee idol and hugely successful composer of musicals, is sent to prison for fiddling his petrol coupons. He finds himself banged up with a young Mad Frankie Fraser, the psychopathic hitman of the Richardson gang in the 1960s.

9 p.m. - 1957 Separate Beds: The great and the good are demanding legalisation of gay sex. Campaigners Eric and Edgar are thrown into a tizzy when a car crash outside their flat brings the police in search of witnesses. Will they twig that illegal sex is happening here? A frantic scramble to get rid of all the tell-tale signs.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

8 p.m. - 1984 Quarantine: A dystopian fantasy of what we feared might happen, as the papers were full of 'The Gay Plague' stories and demands for people with HIV to be locked up. A government minister demands internment, until the real situation comes rather closer to home. Some eerie parallels with now.

Tuesday 15 December 2020

8 p.m. - 1999 Skin Deep: A victim of the Admiral Duncan bombing, and his friends tries to come to terms with the devastating consequences. How do you rebuild your life when everything is taken away?

9 p.m. - Eric's Leather Appendage: Not part of the cycle, but an introduction into Series Two of readings. A monologue for a middle-aged actor about to go onstage to do a nude scene with an attractive younger performer.

Tuesday 5 January 2021

8 p.m. - Jekyll & Hyde: A full-length revisionist version of Robert Louis Stevenson's scary classic, moved to Edinburgh just after the Labouchere Amendment has passed which severely penalises the slightest show of same-sex desire. A story of class, hypocrisy, lust, and murder.