Hotel Homophobia

The songHotel Homophobia was written by Peter Scott‐Presland following a demonstration outside the Dorchester Hotel in April 2019 against the Sultan of Brunei who has invoked Sharia law to introduce stoning to death for homosexuals and for adultery.Hotel California ‐ chords and original words

Update June 2019
In response to international outrage, the Sultan of Brunei has lifted the death penalty from homosexual acts, which was the original impetus of this song. However, the elephant in the room on this subject, which nobody seems to be much exercised about, is Saudi Arabia, which still has capital punishment in place for gay men.

The myriad Saudi princes have fingers in many pies, including part‐ownership of hotels and hotel chains.

In particular,Al‐Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud owns the Savoy in London, the Plaza in New York and a share of the Four Seasons hotel chain.

His wife also has fingers in many commercial pies. He has been spectacularly generous in terms of charity, which does not alter the fact that this is blood money, built on this corrupt and barbaric regime.

Saudi Arabia beheaded five gay men as recently as April 2019; their confessions were extracted under torture. Many others have had to face up to 500 lashes flayed on their backs.

This song still stands.

Note: A performance of this song was banned by the Albany, Deptford in September 2019. SeeThe Banning of Hotel Homophobia for the full story.

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