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Gay Theatre is Great Theatre

Performing for the community for thirty years

Glinda South

Fi Craig as Mrs Westhouse & Celiea Carter as Glinda South

The gay theatre group Homo Promos was founded in 1988 as a response to Section 28, which forbade councils from ‘intentionally promoting homosexuality’.

Section 28 got the chop in 2003, but all these years later Homo Promos marches on.

This website tells the story of its numerous productions, its community activities and its current plans.

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Homo Promos presents:

1936: Fishing

A powerful chamber opera by Robert Ely and Peter Scott-Presland. Musical Director Jack Campbell.

Sunday 4 September 2022 at 7 p.m.

The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH

Tickets available from Tête à Tête £15 (£5 concessions)

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Robert Ely

Robert Ely


Peter SP

Peter Scott-Presland

Librettist and Producer

Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Pianist and Music Director

Jeremy Rowe

Jeremy Rowe

Stage Director

1936: Fishing
  • A shy and lonely boy, artistic in a sporty school. He has a secret.
  • An old and lonely man, once famous, once loved. He too has a secret.
  • A protective mother, determined on the truth.
  • The boy in old age, regretting his unkindness.
  • What is our legacy, for good or ill?
  • What kind of shadow will your life cast?

Jean-Max Lattermann

Jean-Max Lattemann (countertenor) as Young Philip.

"I met this nice man on the pier, he took me home to tea..."

Deborah Holborn

Deborah Holborn (mezzo) as Philip's mother.

"We'll run a bath and scrub you clean and burn this rotten filth"

Kevin Neville

Kevin Neville as Old Philip.

"At the last the guilt still crushes me."

Sam Leggett

Sam Leggett as Douglas.

"I never did you harm? Did I? I only fed you cakes and wished you well."

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